UV Swimming Pool Water Sterilizer Equipment

Model NO.
Water Inlet Hardness
Less Than 120mg/Liter
Water Inlet Turbidity
Less Than 1 Ntu
Water Inlet Iron Content
Less Than 0.3 Mg/Liter
Water Inlet Manganese Content
Less Than 0.05 Mg/Liter
Cleaning Model
Hand-Cleaning, Rod Cleaning, Automatic Motor
Lifespan of UV Lamp
9000 to 12000 Hours
Control System
Control Box, PLC, Remote Control, etc
Water Output
1 to 500 Cubic Meter Per Hour
Transport Package
Plywood Case Into Container
to be customized
Jiangyin, China
HS Code
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UV Swimming Pool Water Disinfection Equipment

Ultraviolet (UV) water Sterilizer
Ultraviolet (UV) water purification systems are thought to offer the most cost-effective way of protecting residential drinking water against biological contaminants. UV purification systems can be used to protect against water-borne viruses, bacteria, molds and pathogenic disease-causing microorganisms such as giardia and cryptosporidium. Even viruses such as the hepatitis virus, which are known to be highly resistant to chlorine-treated water, can be relatively easily eliminated through UV treatment.

Is UV 100% effective?


UV disinfection typically offers a 99.99% reduction in both bacteria and virus and is more effective than chemical disinfection processes at destroying viruses.


Does UV remove E. coli?


Yes, E. coli requires a UV dose of between 6 to 12 mJ/cm2 to achieve 4-log disinfection. This is well within the capabilities of the Sterilight UV system.


How much does it cost to operate? UV systems are extremely economical to operate.


A typical household UV system operates on the same power requirements as a 40 watt light bulb!


Will UV change the taste or smell of my water?


UV is a physical disinfection process, no additives are required. It does not change the taste or odour of the water. It simply provides safe reliable disinfection.

 Technical parameters sheet 

model capacity Power inlet-outlet reactor panel Anchor G weight
  m³/hour watt mm L×W×H   screw Kg
YLCn-005 0.3 16 1/2″ 30×6×11     5
YLCn-008 1 25 1/2″ 47×6.3×11     10
YLCn-050 2 40 1″ 100×9×20 Φ8.9×25
69×4×Φ1 25
YLCn-150 6 80 1+1/4″ 100×11×23   ×Φ1 30
YLCn-200 8 120 1+1/2″ 100×15.9×30 Φ8.9×45
69×7×Φ1 35
YLCn-300 12 160 2″ 100×15.9×32   69×7×Φ1 40
YLC-050 2 40 DN25/1″ 100×8.9×30 25×30×12
60×4×Φ1 45
YLC-150 6 80 DN32/11/4″ 100×10.8×30   60×4×Φ1 50
YLC-200 8 120 DN40/11/2″ ×   60×7×Φ1 60
YLC-300 12 160 DN50/2″ 100×15.9×40   ×Φ1 70
YLC-360 15 200 DN65/21/2″ 100×15.9×40   60×7×Φ1 120
YLC-500 20 240 DN65/21/2″ ×   60×11×Φ1.2 130
YLC-600 25 280 DN80/3″ 100×21.9×50   60×11×Φ1.2 140
YLC-700 30 320 DN100/4″ 100×21.9×50   60×11×Φ1.2 150
YLC-1000 40 360 DN100/4″ 100×21.9×50   ×Φ1.2 160
YLC-1200 50 400 DN125/5″ 100×21.9×50   60×11×Φ1.2 180
YLC-1500 60 420 ×   120×16×Φ1.4 210
YLC-2000 80 560 DN150/6″ 170×27.3×57   120×16×Φ1.4 220
YLC-2500 100 700 DN150/6″ 170×27.3×57 60×128×30
120×16×Φ1.4 275
YLC-3000 125 840 DN150/6″ 170×27.3×57   120×16×Φ1.4 300
YLC-4000 150 1120 DN200/8″ 173×32.5×65   120×20×Φ1.6 325
YLC-5000 200 1400 DN200/8″ 173×37.7×72   120×22×Φ1.6 350
YLC-7000 300 2100 175×42.6×80   120×24×Φ2.0 400
YLC-10K 400 2520 DN250/10″ 176×52.9×95 60×150×40
120×22×Φ2.2 475
YLC-15K 600 3080 DN300/12″ 176×78×110   120×32×Φ2.4 600
YLC-20K 800 3920 Designated Designated Designated Designated
YLC-25K 1000 4760 DN350/14″ Designated Designated Designated Designated

installation instructions

1.Before install this equipment,please test the voltage for connection.normal running for UV lamp and ballast requires 240V.
2.There should be a 1.5 meter space for spared at each end(at least one end)for disassemble the quartz tube and UV lamp.then connect the water inlet and outlet
3.After connected the inlet and outlet pipe,then release the water to check whether there is any leakage at the nut connection.if it is leakage,screw the nut or check the sealing ring is cracked or not.pipe.please do not use too much force when screw the nut to avoid any cracking of tube.
4.The supporting frame must be grounding.
5.The UV lamp is inserted into the quartz tube through the nut with holes. the electric control panel is connected with 4-core plug and UV lamp. while connecting, two hands should handle the pin end and 4 core plug end respectively. Insert into  plug slowly to avoid possible break-up because of corrosion.