UV Sterilizer for Home Swimming Pool Water Disinfection

Model NO.
Alert System for Lamp
One Set
System Working Pressure Resistance
(0.6 MPa)6kg/Cm2
Raw Water Supplying
Running Water
Brand of Ballast
Transport Package
Plywood Case Into Container
Jiangyin, Jiangsu
HS Code
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UV Sterilizer for Home Swimming Pool Water Disinfection

UV Systems
A simple but practical method of destroying disease causing microorganisms in water. Ultraviolet systems destroy many forms of harmful bacteria, E. Coli, Protozoan cysts, and water-borne diseases found in water. Unlike traditional disinfection methods such as chlorination UV imparts no residual chemicals into the water. This compact line of ultraviolet disinfection systems is ideally suited for point of use filtration, RO pre or with a myriad of other applications requiring the flexibility this design offers. Low power consumption operates for pennies a day. These systems are designed for easy homeowner maintenance. The UV lamp can be changed without interrupting the water flow.

Installing a UV Sterilizer
With a little knowledge of UV sterilizers, the installation can be very simple. It is advisable to follow the manufacturers recommendations when installing the UV light. Make sure to install fixtures that complement each other to avoid mishaps.
Locate the Right Place to Mount the UV Sterilizer
From the floor plan, choose the appropriate location to mount the sterilizer. Some UV light units are designed to hang from the water system, while other units can be installed below the tank. Depending on the design and the needs of the homeowner, UV lights should not be installed in places that pose risks either to the user or the unit itself.

Install the Fragile Lamp and Quartz Sleeve
Make sure not to touch the quartz sleeve or the lamp with fingers, as the natural oils found in the hands or the skin can damage the glass components. Instead, use cotton gloves to keep the hands from touching the glass. Tighten all the fittings to give the connection a watertight seal. Remember, leaky connections can damage the delicate lamps. Connect the power supply to the bulbs.


UV Disinfection Systems Application
1. Food processing and industrial water disinfection
2. Hospitals, various laboratory water disinfection, and high levels of pathogenic water disinfection
3. Municipal water
4. Biochemical pharmaceutical, cosmetics production water disinfection
5. Aquatic products processing water disinfection
6. Swimming pool water disinfection
7. Seawater, freshwater aquaculture breeding water disinfection
8. Ultra-pure water for electronic industry, and so on

How does UltraViolet light work on disinfecting water?
Ultraviolet (UV) light is one of the few FDA approved methods of disinfecting water. There are many benefits to UV systems versus chlorine disinfection such as : no chemical additives, no smell, no risk of overdosing, safer and easier to maintain.
The way it works is by allowing water to enter the chamber of the UV housing. Water never touches the lamp itself but moves around a quartz sleeve which protects the water from ever touching the actual lamp.
As the microorganisms get hit by the UV rays, their DNA gets damaged and they become “sterile” and unable to replicate. As they leave the UV housing and enter the home, its important to understand that these microorganisms are still alive. However, these “sterilized” bacteria and viruses cannot replicate and therefore die over time or by our own bodys white blood cells.

Technical parameters:

model Processing capacity (Ton/Hour) power (W)  inlet and outlet
working pressure (Kg/cm 2 ) malfunction alert for UV lamp reactor dimension (cm) L×W×H dimension of panel(cm) anchor bolt  (cm) overall weight (Kg)
YLCn-005 0.3 16 1/2″ 6 matched 30×6×11     5
YLCn-008 1 25 1/2″ 6 matched 47×6.3×11     10
YLCn-050 2 40 1″ 6 matched 100×9×20 Φ8.9×25
69×4×Φ1 25
YLCn-150 6 80 1+1/4″ 6 matched 100×11×23 69×4×Φ1 30
YLCn-200 8 120 1+1/2″ 6 matched 100×15.9×30 Φ8.9×45
69×7×Φ1 35
YLCn-300 12 160 2″ 6 matched 100×15.9×32 69×7×Φ1 40
YLC-050 2 40 DN25/1″ 6 matched 100×8.9×30 25×30×12
60×4×Φ1 45
YLC-150 6 80 DN32/1 1/4 “ 6 matched 100×10.8×30 60×4×Φ1 50
YLC-200 8 120 DN40/1 1/2 “ 6 matched 100×15.9×40 60×7×Φ1 60
YLC-300 12 160 DN50/2″ 6 matched 100×15.9×40 60×7×Φ1 70
YLC-360 15 200 DN65/2 1/2″ 6 matched 100×15.9×40 50×78×25
60×7×Φ1 120
YLC-500 20 240 DN65/2 1/2″ 6 matched 100×21.9×50 60×11×Φ1.2 130
YLC-600 25 280 DN80/3″ 6 matched 100×21.9×50 60×11×Φ1.2 140
YLC-700 30 320 DN100/4″ 6 matched 100×21.9×50 60×11×Φ1.2 150
YLC-1000 40 360 DN100/4″ 6 matched 100×21.9×50 60×11×Φ1.2 160
YLC-1200 50 400 DN125/5″ 6 matched 100×21.9×50 60×11×Φ1.2 180
YLC-1500 60 420 DN150/6″ 6 matched 170×27.3×57 120×16×Φ1.4 210
YLC-2000 80 560 DN150/6″ 6 matched 170×27.3×57 120×16×Φ1.4 220
YLC-2500 100 700 DN150/6″ 6 matched 170×27.3×57 60×128×30
120×16×Φ1.4 275
YLC-3000 125 840 DN150/6″ 6 matched 173×27.3×57 120×16×Φ1.4 300
YLC-4000 150 1120 DN200/8″ 6 matched 173×32.5×65 120×20×Φ1.6 325
YLC-5000 200 1400 DN200/8″ 6 matched 173×37.7×72 120×22×Φ1.6 350
YLC-7000 300 2100 DN250/10″ 6 matched 175×42.6×80 120×24×Φ2.0 400
YLC-10K 400 2520 DN250/10″ 6 matched 176×52.9×95 60×150×40
120×28×Φ2.2 475
YLC-15K 600 3080 DN300/12″ 6 matched 176×78×110 120×32×Φ2.4 600
YLC-20K 800 3920 DN350/14″ 6 matched confirmed  confirmed confirmed confirmed
YLC-25K 1000 4760 DN350/14″ 6 matched confirmed confirmed confirmed