Sludge Dewatering Machine/Belt Press Machine with Gravity Thickener for Waste Water Treatment

Model NO.
Belt Width
From 1 Meter to 3.5 Meter
Belt Material
Delivery Day
25 Days
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Introduction of the sludge belt press

As compared with common belt filter,this belt filter press comes with a separate gravity sludge thickener which is mainly used to reduce the flowability of target materials by removing free water and pore water away and to prepare for the next step of filter pressing.

While using the gravity thickener for sludge thickening,the belt filter press also employs the upper and lower belts which work for further gravity dewatering.The entrained water will be eliminated to a large extent as the material moves through the gravity zone that is 6 to 11 meters long. After this, the sludge could bear pretty big squeezing force.


Features of the sludge belt filter press

1. Our split style sludge filter press shows good machanical property and excellent corrosion resistance. When compared with common dewatering systems,its processing capacity is at least 1.5 times higher, the final moisture content is at least 10% lower, and the operation cost is cut down by 30% or even more.

2.This sludge treatment equipment has a split structure and the length of gravity thickener could be adjusted within a large range according to the original moisture content of the sludge and the requiements of customers.

Owing to these properties, this sludge belt filter press fits for large scale mines and large sewage treatment plants.



Belt filter press machine can continuously treat a large amount of sludge, which is made of high strength material. Belt filter press machine has big capacity, high efficiency dehydration, long service life and other characteristics, widely used in various industries. 


1, Fully automatic, large processing capacity, it can 24 hours working continuously.

2, Wide application, it can process various sludge dewatering.

Product Description


1. Overview

Introduced the advanced technology from German, LuFeng brand-Belt filter press is a sewage treatment device which can continuously press large amounts of sludge. By using high strength material, the device is characterized in large treating capacity, high dewatering efficiency and long service life. The high quality belt and long life bearing ensure the devices performance and quality and make it widely used in the sewage treating industries. 


2. Advantage

(1) Automatic control and continuous working

(2) Low energy cost and long service life

(3) High dewatering efficiency and high solid containing rate of mud cake

(4) Easy maintenance and management

(5) Low noise and less chemicals

(6) Economical and reliable, wide application.


3. Performance

Scientific design and reasonable layout ensure the high dehydration performance of the filter press. The main pressure roller adopts the hole design which increase the treating capacity and shorten the dehydration time by dewatering at the two sides of belt. The decrescent range of press role and the change contact angle of filter belt ensure the best combination of pressure and shear force so as to improve the solid containing rate and the efficiency of dehydration. 


4. Characteristic

The tension of filter belt can be achieved through the air cylinder and keep in a constant. And the tension would not change with the inlet. Its easy to operate and control. The press is equipped with the air compressor control system which can automatically correct and detect belts position on press role. For the belt press with a wider belt, there is an automatic sludge-in device which ensures the sludge can enter into the belt evenly, so as to improve the effect and lengthen theservice life.


5. Structure

The device is equipped with two belts. There is a long gravity dehydration area which can improve the dehydration effect and lower the cost by reducing the usage of chemicals.



Parameters Model
DYQN2000P1F DYQ2500P1F DYQ3000P1F DYQ3500P1F
Power(kw) mainframe 5.5 7.5 7.5 11
thickener  2.2 2.2 3 4
Complete installed 24 28 33 39
Belt width (mm) 2000 2500 3000 3500
Inlet treatment capacity(m3/h)   25-40 30-45 45-65 60-80
Dimension L(mm) 9000 12000 12000 12000
W(mm) 2900 3400 3900 4400
H(mm) 2300 2300 2700 2700
Total weight(kg)   9000 12000 14000 16000


6. Application:

1)  Municipal treatment sludge  

2)   Household sludge  

3)  Excrement sludge  

4)  Slaughtering sludge  

5)  Food processing sludge    

6)  Paper/pulp sludge  

7)  Processed marine sludge

8)  Chemical sludge

9)  Mountain sludge


Packaging & Shipping

Company Information

LuFeng dewatering system is designed for performance and built for stability. Associated features include outstanding dewatering efficiency, high corrosion resistance, low shipping cost, intuitive operation and easy maintenance. Responsible for resolving over 50 dewatering issues with sludge and residues, our dewatering machines have now been implemented across more than 20 provinces and other Countries. Such as America, Mexico, Serbia, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka etc. This range of dewatering equipment has received critical acclaim due to their outstanding cost performance. Our factory is very near Guangzhou Baiyun airport, we warmly welcome you to visit our factory and testing machine in site. 

Sludge treatment application range: 

Domestic sewage sludge, papermaking sludge, Textile printing and dyeing sludge, leather waster water sludge, papermaking tail slurry, tailings, mineral dressing tailings, food factory activated sludge, Electronics factory Circuit board sludge, Ceramic Sewage sludge, Marble polishing sludge, Electroplate sewage sludge, Washed kaolin sludge, Coal washery coal dewatering, Industrial metal Acidsludge, steel making sludge, Construction piling sludge, silting, Electro ceramics sludge, Chemical plant organic sludge and ect. 

Residues application range: 

The root, stem, leaf, fruit of plant, after Grinding process, the belt press machine can extracting juice from the material. The material such as: Alcohol residue, Beer residue, Cassava residue, Sweet potato residue, Corn residue, Sugarcane residue, Traditional Chinesemedicine residue, apple, peel, pineapple and other fruits residue, tea residue, wood pulp, coconut peat, and paper pulp fibre and ect.

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