Manganese/Quartz/Multi-Media Sand Filter Water Treatment

Stainless Steel or FRP Tank
Control Valve
Manual or Automatic
Stainless Steel
Face Treatment
Mechanical Polishing
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Mechanical filter 30000LPH
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Manganese/Quartz/Multi-media Sand Filter Water Treatment

Mechanical filter also called pressure filter, is the pretreatment system for pure water producing- an important part of water purification system. Filter vessel can be made from stainless steel ,combination of carbon steel lining . 

Mechanical filters use one or more filter media, under a certain pressure, so that the original solution passes through the media to remove impurities, thereby achieving the purpose of filtration. The internal packing is generally: quartz sand, anthracite, granular porous ceramics, manganese sand, etc., users can choose to use according to the actual situation.

Multi-media filter can remove suspended particles, organic colloid, etc. due to adsorption and filtration function of filter material.
Generally it is used as the pretreatment in order to protect the later processes, such as UF, RO or ion exchange system.
The whole process of collecting water and cleaning is controlled by PLC and Timer to avoid the problems caused by people such as sand leak.

The characteristics of the filtration system
1. Manual or automatic control is available;
2. Water distributor is simple, uniform and reliable;
3. Finished water collector has high strength and long service life;
4. Easy to install. Only connect the inlet and outlet to the waste pipe when installing;
5. Less water consumption in backwash: A homogeneous filter is used, so that backwash cycle is extended and the total backwash water volume is greatly reduced;
6. High backwash efficiency: An advanced water collector is used, ensuring efficient backwash effect.

Filter technology parameters: 
Filter filtration rate: 8 ~ 300m3 / h 
Flow Velocity: 8-15m/h
Backwash time: 10 to 15 minutes
Working pressure: ≤ 0.6Mpa 

Water outlet: 2-5mg/L
Water inlet: <10mg/L
Water outlet: <2mg/L
Design temperature: 5 ~ 50C 
Single sand filter straight Height: 1000mm above
Activated carbon / cationic resin filter Height: 1000mm above

(1) Pre-treatment for RO system, electrodialysis, ion exchange device, UF etc .
(2) Filtering treatment for power plant,chemical, paper making, beverageetc industry etc.
(3) Destaining, remove organism materials for chemical plant
(4) Treatment for living water
(5) Treatment for industry water
(6) Treatment for swimming pool water
(7) Bypass filter system for recycling water
(8) Deturbidness and destaining of ground water, underground water