Large Sand Filter Water Tank Carbon Steel Blue Filter Tank

Model NO.
CK - Carbon steel tank
Carbon Steel
Working Pressure
Working Remperature
5-30 Degree
Flange Connection
Surface Treatment
Mechanical Polishing
Filter Media
Quartz Sand, Activated Carbon, Manganese Sand
Transport Package
Wooden Case or Carton Box
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
HS Code
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Large Sand Filter Water Tank carbon steel blue filter tank

Multi-media filters, also known as mechanical filters, are mainly used to remove suspended matter and solid particles from water. Suspended solids are non-colloidal solid materials that are insoluble in water and which can precipitate when conditions are suitable. The filter is used to intercept the suspended solids, and the weight difference before and after the filter medium intercepts the suspended solids is used as a basis for measuring the function of the filter. The filter medium generally uses a filter medium of D=0.5-1.0 mm. According to the impurity component in the water, single layer filtration, double layer filtration and multi-layer filtration can be used.

(1) Working principle
Multi-media filters (also known as mechanical filters) are beds made of layered anthracite, sand, finely divided garnet or other materials. A typical multi-media filter is shown in the figure:
The top layer of the bed consists of light and coarse grade materials, while the heavy and fine grade materials are placed in the lower part of the bed. The principle is to filter by depth – larger particles in the water are removed at the top layer and smaller particles are removed deeper in the filter media. Thereby the water quality reaches the standard after coarse filtration.

(2) Performance characteristics
The multi-media filter removes large particles of suspended solids in the water, thereby reducing the SDI value of the water and meeting the water quality requirements for deep purification. The device has the advantages of low cost, low operating cost and simple operation; the filter material is backwashed, can be used multiple times, and the filter material has a long service life.
(3) Application range
Multi-media filter is widely used in water treatment process. It is mainly used for pre-treatment of water treatment for turbidity, softening water, electrodialysis and reverse osmosis. It can also be used for sediment removal of surface water and groundwater.

(4) Product introduction
The multi-media filters produced by this product can be divided into manual type and fully automatic type according to the control type. The manual type mainly controls the operation of the filter, the positive washing and the back washing through the adjustment of the valve; and the fully automatic type controls the operation of the filter, the washing and the back washing by the FLECK controller, according to the tank body. The material can be divided into FRP tank, carbon steel tank and stainless steel tank. The inner wall of the tank can be coated with epoxy coating or rubber anti-corrosion according to user requirements.

Technical parameters:
Diameter: 2200mm
Work pressure: less than 0.4Mpa
Working temperature: normal temperature
Surface treatment: mirror polishing, matt, carbon steel spray paint
Material: carbon steel anticorrosive
Packing: quartz sand, manganese sand, carbon, resin

Specifications and model:

Model Filter rate (m3/h) Diameter Simplified height  (mm) Thickness In/Outlet
CK2-Ф500×1900 2-3 Ф500 1220 3.0mm DN40
CK2-Ф600×1950 3-5 Ф600 1220 3.0mm DN40
CK2-Ф800×2300 5-8 Ф800 1220 3.0mm DN50
CK2-Ф900×2400 7-10 Ф900 1500 4.0mm DN50
CK2-Ф1000×2500 8-12 Ф1000 1500 4.0mm DN50
CK2-Ф1200×2700 12-17 Ф1200 1500 4.0mm DN50
CK2-Ф1400×2800 15-24 Ф1400 1500 4.0mm DN65
CK2-Ф1500×2850 18-27 Ф1500 1500 5.0mm DN80
CK2-Ф1600×2900 20-30 Ф1600 1800 5.0mm DN80
CK2-Ф1800×3400 25-38 Ф1800 1800 6.0mm DN80
CK2-Ф2000×3600 32-47 Ф2000 1800 6.0mm DN100
CK2-Ф2200×3850 38-57 Ф2200 2000 6.0mm DN125
CK2-Ф2400×3900 45-68 Ф2400 2000 6.0mm DN125
CK2-Ф2500×4000 49-74 Ф2500 2000 8.0mm DN150
CK2-Ф2800×4300 62-92 Ф2800 2000 8.0mm DN200
CK2-Ф3000×5100 70-106 Ф3000 2500 8.0mm DN200
CK2-Ф3200×5300 80-120 Ф3200 2500 8.0mm DN200
CK2-Ф3200×5350 80-120 Ф3200 2500 10.0mm DN200

Packaging & Shipping

Wooden case or carton box.

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