China Manufacturer LPG Gasfier Vaporizer

Model NO.
13 Month
Accept DIY, Accept Customization
Design Pressure
Product Name
LNG Gasfier
Hydraulic Test Pressure
Airtight Test Pressure
Safety Valve Opening Pressure
Explosion-Proof Grade
D2 Bt400
Operating Temperature
Power Supply
380V 50Hz
Transport Package
Standard Wood Packing or as Request
HS Code
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Yangzhou Ouke Thermotechnical Technology Co., Ltd. Diamond / Audited Supplier
Industrial lng lpg vaporizer(gasfier)



1. Adopt wet type three return back structure, the center symmetric arrangement, can improve the stress distribution of tube sheet. Wet back structure completely submerged combustion chamber. good cooling conditions. Big combustion chamber design for flame, burning full. All back into the combustion chamber tube plate edge docking solid structure. long service life.

 2. Application of corrugated furnace increases the heating surface and alleviate heat bilges cold shrink may damage in the combustion chamber, and improve the strength Large combustion furnace boring and volume burn completely, fully saving fuel.

 3. Before the smoke box adopts hinged connection, double sealing and convenient opening. With light quality sealing insulation materials, smoke and heat insulation, insulation is lower the temperature in the front and back panel and improve the thermal efficiency.

4. Steam space makes the steam out of the water velocity is low, and the built-in separation device, to ensure the high quality steam temperature output

5. Using thread pipe, enhance the heat transfer effect, increase the thermal efficiency

6. Set up a mix water boiler feed water inlet device, low temperature water flushing pipe bundle first, after waiting for feed water temperature ascend to contact furnace and high temperature parts such as fire box, effectively avoid the local subcooled boiling phenomenon, to ensure the safety of boiler performance.

7. The application of advanced digital control technology, which can remote accurately monitor the combustion process. High-voltage electrical control part adopts domestic and foreian famous electrical appliances: Reliable quality: LCD and touch screen controller. controller USES a high degree of automation, with the features of easy operation, combustion automatic control, water level, pressure. leak detection alarm. overpressure and overtemperature, water shortage protection interlock protection function

 8. The stack nozzle add condensing heat exchanger, using ND corrosion resistant steel quality, fast heat conduction, durable. Heat exchange tube with spiral become warped strengthens the absorption flue gas wet and heat and latent heat. reduce exhaust temperature, improve the efficiency of the boiler(95%)

Instructions for use:

Piping: Carefully read the text marked on the boiler body of the evaporator, whether the liquid phase inlet and gas phase outlet are connected to the corresponding pipeline.
Water injection: Add pure distilled water or pure water without impurities to the water injection place marked on the evaporator body until the bottom of the furnace body overflows.
Power supply: This furnace type does not have an electric control box. Open the riot compartment cover on the furnace body directly, enter the three-phase four-wire power cord from the connection port on the furnace body, and connect the three-phase power supply to the A and B marked on the wiring board. At C, N is the zero line.
Temperature controllers, relays, heating pipes, etc. in the cover have been adjusted before leaving the factory, and non-professionals must not arbitrarily move them.
Cover and tighten the open explosion-proof cover.


Product specification:
Specification  Size Inlet Steam Outlet
20kg/h 400*260*660 DN15 DN15
30kg/h 430*300*780 DN15 DN15
40kg/h 520*340*820 DN15 DN15
50kg/h 560*360*980 DN25 DN25
100kg/h 640*390*1160 DN25 DN25
150 kg/h 750*420*1230 DN25 DN25
200 kg/h 800*470*1350 DN32 DN32
300 kg/h 950*480*1400 DN40 DN40
400 kg/h 900*580*1700 DN50 DN50
500 kg/h 900*580*1700 DN50 DN50

Installation specification :

Model Power supply  Power steam  Working pressure working temperature
CPEx-20kg/h 220V/Two phase 3kw 20kg/h 1.76Mpa ≤60ºC
CPEx-30kg/h 220V/Two phase 3kw 30kg/h 1.76Mpa ≤60ºC
CPEx-50kg/h 380V/Three phase four wire 8kw 50kg/h 1.76Mpa ≤60ºC
CPEx-100kg/h 380V/Three phase four wire 15kw 100kg/h 1.76Mpa ≤60ºC
CPEx-150kg/h 380V/Three phase four wire 21kw 150kg/h 1.76Mpa ≤60ºC
CPEx-200kg/h 380V/Three phase four wire 27kw 200kg/h 1.76Mpa ≤60ºC
CPEx-300kg/h 380V/Three phase four wire 36kw 300kg/h 1.76Mpa ≤60ºC
CPEx-400kg/h 380V/Three phase four wire 400kw 400kg/h 1.76Mpa ≤60ºC
CPEx-500kg/h 380V/Three phase four wire 54kw 500kg/h 1.76Mpa ≤60ºC

Product parameter:

Item  tube side gask Shell side gasket
Design pressure 1.77Mpa Atmospheric pressure
Design temperature 60ºC 70ºC
Maximum working pressure 1.76Mpa Atmospheric pressure
Using medium Liquefied petroleum gas water
working temperature 50ºC-65ºC 50ºC-85ºC
Main material 2#,16MnR Q235-A
Corrosion allowance I I
Welding coefficient   0.85
category II  


Explosion proof certificate&report

Each product is tested before ex-factory:

1.SGS test report (extension test, bending test and material test of steel plate, tube and welding rod)
2.Strength calculation report
3.X-ray inspection report (welding seam)
4.NDT(non-destructive inspection) report of steel plate, tube and welding rod
5.Hydraulic test

Customers in China: DUPONT, VEOLIA, MILLIPORE, Panasonic, TCL, CGET, LONHON, SEA-LION, etc
Customers in 89 countries & regions:
Europe: U.K., Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia,Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Georgia
America: U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile,Paraguay, Saint Lucia, Netherlands Antilles, Peru

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Asia: China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, U.A.E. , Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea

Scope of application
1.It is suitable for all industrial users such as pharmaceutical, paper, tobacco, printing and dyeing, clothing, food processing, wine making, wood processing, bridge and road maintenance, petrochemical refining, vegetable processing, meat processing, oil cleaning and other industrial users; catering, hospital disinfection, canteen cooking, sauna center, laundry center and other commercial channels;
2. At the same time, it can provide hot water for heating system of steam-water heat exchanger and power for lithium bromide absorption chiller.

About us 

Yangzhou Ouke Thmotechnical Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, is located Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan and 28 employees. In 2014, he joined ali1688 e-commerce platform, in 2016, he was promoted to 1688 strength business, passed TUV certification in Germany, passed SGS official certification in Switzerland in 2019, and joined and aliinternational station in 2019. He is determined to become an excellent thermal e-commerce celebrity who develops excellent products, spreads business channels and promotes love with the help of cutting-edge information technology!
Ouke people firmly believe in the goal of being a ”reliable thermal expert”, providing comprehensive heat source solutions and customized heat source services for the majority of industrial and commercial users.
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