Biogas Plant Anaerobic Digester for Cow Farm Waste Treatment

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Biogas Plant
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Biogas Plant Anaerobic Digester for Cow Farm Waste Treatment

What is Biogas? 
Biogas is naturally produced in anaerobic environments from organic waste, such as manure, sewage and food and crop waste. When raw biogas is emitted into the atmosphere, its high methane content makes it one of the most damaging types of greenhouse gases. But when it is captured and used as renewable energy to generate electricity or power vehicles, it has one of the lowest life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of any fuel. 

Biogas technology is a kind of rural energy engineering technology, which aims to deal with livestock manure, crop, food waste, food processing waste and municipal solid waste, so as to realize the agricultural ecological virtuous cycle. It has the characteristics of controlling environment pollution and providing renewable biomass energy to society, highly valued by many countries in the world, especially in the aspect of reducing greenhouse gas emissions for developing countries. It is truly a powerful measure to mitigate the environmental and energy crisis, with a positive impact on agriculture, environment society as well as economy. 


Items Parameters
Feed material Poultry litter and livestock manure 60 ton/day
Anaerobic digestion technology Continuous stirred tank reactor
Anaerobic digester size 2000 m3 * 2
Membrane gasholder size 1500 m3 * 1
Biogas production 4000~5000 m3/day
Biogas utilization Power generation

As a professional combo who specializes in Biogas plant since 2004, our company is the production base for medium and large Biogas equipments in China, highly recommended by China Biogas Association and China Association of Rural Energy Industry. After these years development, now were able to provide whole biogas system solution for clients from all walks, such as pig farm, dairy farm, sugar refinery, palm oil industry, municipal government and environmental companies etc. 

Generally speaking, theres anaerobic digester, gas storage holder, desulfurization system and biogas utilization equipment in each biogas project. If the project is large, then some more facilities will also be added. But please dont worry, because well always give the professional and customized solution for your own case. Below is a system diagram for your reference. 

The ECPC tank is assembled by special steel plates, dedicated sealing materials, self-locking bolts, etc. It is widely used in biogas projects, sewage disposal projects, chemical industry, power engineering and other fields of dry type gas storage tanks, anaerobic tanks, aerobic pools, sewage disposal devices, granaries, cement storage tanks, workshops, garages, oil storage tanks, feed tanks, raw materials tank for brewing. 

There are paint film protective layers on the surface of the special steel plate after treatment. Its hardness, adhesion, corrosion and shock resistance can be adjusted according to the clients requirements. It can maintain the pressure of 5kPa, and can also be combined with the integrated double membrane biogas holder to make fermentation gas production and storage integration device. 

The independent double membrane gasholder is a 3/4 sphere, made of special processed polyester material and fixed on the cement foundation by rails. Divided into outer membrane, inner membrane and bottom membrane, the outer membrane is always pressurized to form the shape of gasholder and protect the inner membrane. As a result, rain, snow and wind have little impact on it. Then with the bottom membrane to function as foundation seal to realize the anti-corrosion, anti-leakage and easy installation, this double membrane gasholder is better than traditional wet gasholder both in performance and maintenance. Between the outer membrane and inner membrane, theres a variable-capacity airtight space to store biogas and other gases, such as carbon dioxide, oxygen etc. 

Desulfurization is a chemical process for the removal of sulfur from a material. This involves either the removal of sulfur from a molecule (e. G. A=S → A: ) or the removal of sulfur compounds from a mixture such as biogas, methane and oil refinery streams. These processes are of great industrial and environmental importance as they provide the bulk of sulfur used in industry, sulfur-free compounds that could otherwise not be used in a great number of catalytic processes, and also reduce the release of harmful sulfur compounds into the environment, particularly sulfur dioxide (SO2) which leads to acid rain, and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) which leads to poison, even death. 

Biogas Utilization: 
1) Cogeneration of Heat and Power by Biogas Generator
2) Heating Providing by Biogas Boiler
3) Biogas Upgrading to CNG, LNG for Vehicle Usage or Connection with National Grid
4) Biogas Digestate as Solid and Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Management System Certification: ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004, OHSAS18001: 2007

Company Introduction: 
Founded in 2004, Shandong Mingshuo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong Province, China. With a registered capital of CNY 30 million and an area of over 16 acres, Mingshuo is dedicated to the development, manufacturing, sales and service providing in environmental protection field. 

We mainly specialize in organic waste treatment, biogas plant, desulfurization system, biogas purification, biogas utilization and organic fertilizer systems. As the production base of medium and large biogas equipments in China, our company is highly recommended by China Biogas Association, China Association of Rural Energy Industry, and China Import and Export Commodity Website. Our company has passed the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, environment management system ISO 14001: 2004 and occupational health & safety management system OHSAS 18001: 2007 standards, with professional environmental engineering construction qualification, safety production license in construction field, and qualifications of Class D1, D2 pressure vessel. Moreover, we have obtained more than 30 patents and participated in the formulation of the national standards for biogas desulfurization equipment. 

With the unique design, professional R & D team, and pursuit of better solution, were able to offer the most suitable and customized professional technical consulting, technical supports and after-sale services for all types of customers according to their different requirements and situations. Our products are widely used in biogas, fertilizer, coking, natural gas, city gas, food, ceramics, and other industries. 

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