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We believe in: Innovation is our soul and spirit. High-quality is our life. Purchaser need is our God for Ao Packaged Anaerobic Anoxic Oxic Biochemical Treatment Plant, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Chile, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Based on our automatic production line, steady material purchase channel and quick subcontract systems have been built in mainland China to meet customer's wider and higher requirement in recent years. We have been looking forward to cooperating with more clients worldwide for common development and mutual benefit!Your trust and approval are the best reward for our efforts. Keeping honest, innovative and efficient, we sincerely expect that we can be business partners to create our brilliant future!
Qingdao Yimei Environment Project Co., Ltd. Diamond / Audited Supplier

A/O sewage treatment system         

Our company based on the SBR technics ( sequencing batch reactor) developed a new kind matched equipment which can make up SBR many deficient; which can widely apply to all kind of sewage treatment plant. The package sewage treatment plant principle is a kind of biochemical treatment which combine activated sludge microbiological method and new biological membrane manner. In treatment process, large bacteria and bacteria membrane update, adopt biological carrier, improve the contact efficiency of micro- organism and pollutant matter in sewage; the whole treatment equipment produce anaerobic-anoxia- aerobic three kind of environment take turns function, improve  purified water ability of different kind of microbial population, intensify organism removal and nitrogen and phosphorus removal function.  

Traditional sewage treatment process can divide into biological membrane manner and activated sludge manner, biological membrane suitable to small water volume,steady water quality ,low concentration sewage water quality, better system commission.  Steady back operation, better operability. 

Combine our company past success practice, suggest sue biofilm manner treatment process, plan to adopt A/O biological contact oxygen process as main treatment manner. Such process is more mature, has certain history, widely used in textile system factories, such process main device has equalize tank,aeration tank and clarifier etc. equalize tank mainly use to equalize waste water quality and quantity in each pollutant source, prevent form impact to aeration tank, prevent bacteria die.  Thus, it will be better of sewage stay long time in equalize tank, but it should consider construction expense.

So it design equalize tank according to enterprise production cycle and occupy area. Aeration tank main function is filling oxygen to sludge water mixture, ensure the activated sludge required oxygen volume in resolve organic matter, at the same time, make the activated sludge fully with sewage; the technical requirements to aeration tank is sludge loading is 0.3-.4kgBOD5/kg.MLSS.d, aeration time about 4-6h, sludge content is 3-4g/l usually.  

Settling main use to make sludge and water separation, further degrade organic matter in settling, then discharge directly after sludge and water separation, part of sewage backflow into aeration tank, another parts of surplus sludge discharge.
The effluent first enter into grid tank, it equip with bar screen in the      grid tank, which can remove bigger suspended matter, seston and ribbon in effluent,  then flow into djusting tank, its main function is equalized water quality(COD,temperature,PH) and water volume, to avoid impact loading influence biological treatment, then the effluent enter flow into the integrated sewage treatment plant by lifting pump.

The sewage treatment plant main contain air flotation tank (dissolving tank), anxoic tank (biochemical tank), Oxidation tank (second biochemical tank), settling tank (second sedimentation tank), etc several parts.  The main function of air flotation tank is remove flocculated suspended matter. In anoxia tank, which can improve sewage biodegradability, create conditions for further treatment, inside the anoxia tank, produce large number of anoxic bacteria, the intercept down organic matter broke chain or open loop, decompose into Simple low molecular organic which can be easy to absorb utilize by aerobic bacterium, effectively improve the subsequent aerobic phase of the treatment efficiency.

The sewage still contain some organic matter and higher content ammonia nitrogen. in order to make the organic matter further oxygenolysis, at the same time, carbonation tend to be completely, nitrification can proceeding smoothly, so set contact oxidation tank, its rely on autotrophic type bacteria finish treatment, they adopt Organic decomposition producing inorganic carbon source or carbon dioxide in air as nutritional sources, make the ammonia nitrogen in sewage convert into. 

In oxidation tank equip with padding, the whole Biochemical process rely on many microbes attached on the padding. 

Effluent water after separated will enter into disinfecting tank proceeding solid liquid separation, some effluent water from contact oxidation tank back flow into equalize tank proceeding internal Circulation, so achieve denitrification purpose, another parts will flow into secondary settling tank, make further solidliquid separation, the effluent water after separated will enter into cleaning water tank, then reuse in irrigation.     

Main treatment unit

(1) Flocculant air flotation
 Waste water is alkality, it contain sulfur compound, the common flocculant is PAC, flocculant aid is PAM, but too much PAC will influence follow up biological treatment, so such project will  chose FM composite flocculant.

 (2) Anoxic tank
In anoxic condition, organic in waste water finished the first section of anoxic reaction , which make the difficult biodegradable organic matter resolve into easy biodegradable small molecular organic matter, reduce CODcr, BOD5, SS, S2-, chroma, improve sewage biodegradability, create better condition for follow-up biological treatment.

(3) Biological treatment 

Biological oxidation is the new biomembrane process, which produce bigger activated sludge content, to improve volume loading of contact oxidation tank, improve pollutant remove efficiency, at the same time, with the feature of small occupy, convenient maintenance, which has widely used in chemical industrial, food, pharmacy, printing etc industrial sewage treatment, with obvious effective.

Technical parameter

Item YMSZ-1 YMSZ-3 YMSZ-5 YMSZ-7.5 YMSZ-10 YMSZ-15 YMSZ-20 YMSZ-30
 capacity(m3/h) 1 3 5 7.5 10 15 20 30
equipment Nm 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3
Primary settling tank 1.8 5.5 9 14 18 27 36 50
Contact oxidation tank (m3) 5.0 14.5 24 36 44 63 83 130
Secondary settling tank surface load
1.2 1.3 1.3 1.3 1.2 1.2 1.5 1.5
Disinfection tank (m3) 0.6 1.8 2.8 4 5.5 8 10 15
Air blower model HC-25IS HC-30IS HC-50C HC-50IS HC-60IS HC-80S HC-100S HC1-100S
power(kw) 0.4 0.75 1.5 2.2 2.2 3.7 5.5  
units 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
sewage pump model AS10-2CB AS16-2CB
power(kw) 1.0 1.6
Total Weight(t) 5.5 6.5 8 11 17 20 21 29
Occupy area(m2) 6 14 20 30 50 65 75 115


Wastewater treatment process features
(1) Chemical reaction settling, its main purpose is remove part of organic, substantially reduce sulfide,chroma and SS, improve B/C ratio, proper reduce PH, create condition for biological treatment.
(2)Hydrolysis acidify tank adopt padding form, timing aeration and washing biomembrane to prevent sediment, each 4 hours start 10 minutes, to keep the tank in anoxic condition, it can reach exchange membrane purpose.

(3)A/O system adopt contact oxygen manner, it can reduce structures, save investment, impact resistance, small sludge, its mainly used to remove grate part of dissolved organic matter and denitrification. 
(4)Settling tank : in order to make the effluent water SS meet up discharge standard, adopting vertical settling tank to make solid liquid separation, 1 set , surface load 1.0m3/m2·hr.

Our Services

1.Professional design for you 
According to the actual needs of professionals will be free to design targeted programs and products to ensure efficient complete solution actual demand.
2.Strict product examination
Professional advanced processing equipment and skilled workers, to build an advanced DAF equipment.
3.Professional after sale service
For equipment installation, specialized personnel will provide overseas equipment installation guide, commissioning, operation, maintenance instructions.
4.Technical support
In the process of use, if you encounter any problems, we will always provide technical support for you.

Company Information

    Qingdao Yimei environment project Ltd. Found in 1988,located in maxi Chinese military affairs harbour base Jiao Nan City.Occupy about 36,000 square metres, 15,000 square metres workshop building, have each kind of processing machine about 130 pcs, as one of Shandong Province environment protection industrial association trustee member unit, now have staff about 300 person, 72 engineers and technicians, mainly engaged in the environment project, environmental protection equipment design and manufacture, water treatment technological development, engnieering construction, technical service and series of products of client customized.

    We have the well experienced engineer, strong specialized production base, advanced manufacturing facilities, and can supply the first-rate product and special field consulting service.

    In the long rang concentrates efforts on environment protection cause investing in construction, complete sets of equipment and project overall contracting.



 1. How to buy your idea products?  A:You can provide us your water sources, water quality, flow rate and ground area (connect us for more details).

 2. How to pay?  A: TT and L/C are acceptable and TT will be more appreciated. 30% deposit before producing, 70% balance before loading by TT.

 3. What is the delivery time?

  A: It depends on order quantities. Generally speaking, the delivery time will be within 4 to 6 weeks.

 4. How to pack the products?

  A: We use standard package. If you have special package requirements, we will pack as required, but the fees will be paid by customers.

 5. How to keep your equipments from corrosion? 

 A: We use the world-famous paint, like SigmaCoatings,PainBow,etc. Whats more, we paint strictly according to the standard process.

 6. How do you manufacture your equipment ?

  A:Our  machining technology  includes laser/plasma cutting, automatic welding,CNC cutting and bending.

 7. How to install after the equipments arriving destination?  A: We will provide detailed illustrations to you. If it is necessary, we will send technicians to help you. However, the visa fee, air tickets, accommodation, wages will be paid by buyers.