Anti-Corrosion Hydrocyclone Sand Filter Solids Separator

Model NO.
Product Name
Hydrocyclone Desanding Separator
Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel304//Ss316
Flow Rate
Inlet and Outlet
Desanding Diameter
More Than0.1mm
Turbidity of Raw Water
More Than300 Degrees
Output Water Turbidity
Less Than10 Degrees
Input Water Pressure
More Than0.2-0.25MPa
Water Head Loss
Less Than0.02MPa
Working Temperature
Transport Package
Plywood Case Into Container
Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China
HS Code
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Anti-corrosion Hydrocyclone Sand filter Solids Separator

Product Description:

A Hydro cyclone separates sand and other solid matter from water with very little head loss and 90% or better efficiency. There is no head loss build up and no clogging when the solids are separated. Hydro cyclones are easy to operate and maintain, and have no moving parts or screens.

Versatility in system configurations and ease of installation are some of its great advantages.

A Hydro cyclone uses a tangential injection flow process, enhancing the centrifugal forces and moving solid particles outwards. The dispersed particles move downward in a spiral path into an underflow chamber (sedimentation tank) while clean liquid moves upwards to the centre of the spiral, towards the top outlet.

A specially designed rubber insert protects the neck of the Hydro cyclone from erosion and increases separation efficiency. The Sedimentation Tank can be drained automatically with an automatic flushing kit (an electric valve, controller and small command filter). Automatic flushing will not interfere with the proper functioning of the Hydro cyclone. The Hydro cyclone has a 100 micron protective coating of extra durable polyester applied electrostatically and oven cured on a zinc-phosphate layer for maximal anti-corrosion protection.

Product characteristics:
1,Structure is relatively simple, low cost, easy to install and operate. Large capacity, small floor space, versatile, adaptable, without power, maintenance-free. 
2,Compared with mechanical decontamination, expand tube, buffer tank and other grit removal equipment, it has its own characteristics: small size, large capacity, investment and operating costslow. In the device against the inner wall of the intake position with swirl and deflector shield, favor the formation of cyclone; strong 
impact, extended equipment life.
3,There is a guide plate in the interior wall of Swirl chamber and precipitation,which is helpful for th formation of cyclone settlement, so impurities will be led into the dirt trap as soon as possible. When there is sudden increase for pressure in the system, set the case of sewage water faster prevents impurities 
reveal, remains good sedimentation effect.
4,There is a stainless steel filter and water blocking laps on the bottom of outlet, decentralized water filters, slowing the flow rate, and further retention of suspended impurities in the water; the water in th filter below the water layer forming a stable rotation, suspended impurities gradually gathered around.
They assembled into a loose circle of small groups under water blocking, flow into dirt trap along the 
inner wall.

Working principle
Hydrocyclone sand separator is based on the principle of centrifugal sedimentation and density difference, At a certain pressure, the flow into the device, have a strong rotary motion, due to the different densities of sand and water, under the effect of centrifugal force, centripetal buoyancy, fluid drag force, so that the low density of the water rises, discharged from the overflow port, high density of sand from the bottom, so as to achieve the purpose of grit removal. Under certain terms and conditions, the higher water pressure, 
the higher the grit removal rate, it can also be fixed in parallel.

Scope of application
1,Domestic and industrial: river water, ground water, well water grit removal, coal washing water, industrial processing, solid-liquid separation;
2,Geothermal air conditioning water system to replace the current use of Ah type fan coil before decontamination, the complete elimination of the fan coil clogging dirt deposition and cooling water systems chiller condenser water decontamination, impurity control suspended solids and other issues;
3,Recycling water reuse: especially for steel, thermal, chemical, petroleum, mining, pharmaceutical, textile, electronics, food, paper and other industrial local quality miscellaneous drainage treatment and reuse;
4,Water, sewage treatment: reused water, sewage treatment plant, reduce fine filtration system into operation

Technical parameters:

Model of sand filter
Flow rate
Water inlet (mm)  Water outlet (mm)   Ø diameter of cylinder
YLXC-40I 25 40 25 273 220 113 220 640 140 860
YLXC-50I 40 50 25 273 220 108 230 680 140 910
YLXC-65I 50 65 25 325 220 124 240 780 140 1030
YLXC-80I 60 80 40 325 220 118 250 830 180 1095
YLXC-100I 100 100 40 377 220 134 260 920 200 1205
YLXC-125I 160 125 50 377 320 122 300 980 200 1310
YLXC-150I 200 150 50 478 380 150 360 1010 200 1410
YLXC-200I 250 200 50 620 440 200 430 1065 200 1550
YLXC-250I 300 250 65 720 500 225 520 1170 200 1750
YLXC-300I 500 300 65 820 580 274 590 1375 250 1990

Installation Precautions
1. Hydrocyclone sand separator should be installed in the main pipe of water supply network and fixed on the 
base, we need to add a bypass between the inlet and outlet.
2. In order to ensure smooth water flow in front of the device should be installed intake and intake period equal 
diameter of straight pipe length equivalent to 10 to 15 times the diameter of the intake.
3. The equipment should be installed around the reserve has enough space for maintenance.
4.During normal operation, the need to open the inlet and outlet valves, close the drain valve and bypass valve.
5.depending on how much sand content of regular source of water decontamination platoon sand, open the
 drain valve at the sewage, water can flow out until the sewage process does not affect the normal use of water.
6.After sewage, close the drain valve.
7. If lack of sand discharge pressure, close the valve at the outlet.