50W 3D Laser Inner Glass Acrylic Crystal Engraving Portable Glass Cube Laser Engraving Machine

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Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine
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50W 3D Laser Inner Glass Acrylic Crystal Engraving Portable Glass Cube Laser Engraving Machine

3-Axis Control,Three-axis control of the same type of laser high power output. 
Currently the most widely used mainly in the automotive and motorcycle parts, metals, alloys and
 oxides, ABS, epoxy resin, communication products, plastic buttons, integrated circuits (IC), electronic 
components, hardware and tools, sanitary ware, costume jewelry , aerospace and other industries, 
most of them on the use of laser marking machine related products such as direct labeling related 
characters, graphics, numbers and letters, business name and trademarks, product specifications, 
frequency, serial number, security code, so as to replace the mechanical, printing type, chemical etching,
 ink jet printing and other traditional type of marking.

3-Axis Control,More accurately realized on the surface of the workpiece laser marking, 
no defocus phenomenon when machining, even complex surfaces can respond freely. Controlled by the
 three-dimensional dynamic laser marking self-developed hardware, software, configuration-specific three-dimensional galvanometer, perfect control of the laser beam in an arbitrary three-dimensional surface labeling.

1. The higher speed:
High-power fiber laser technology. In addition to 30W, also developed the same type of laser engraving 
machine maximum power - 100W new air-cooled models, significantly improves the marking speed,
 improve production efficiency and quality marking.

2. The depth is more suitable for carving:
Traditional scanning methods, performed with laser engraving, getting away from the focus of the working
 surface, the energy transfer can not fully enter the state. The dynamic marking, engraving during the 
process and can automatically adjust the focal length of the machined surface with the highest energy 
density always be engraved.

03. more precision:
Traditional uses fixed focus laser marking marking, machining range over the General Assembly was in
 the defocus state. Three-axis scanning system can arbitrarily change the traditional focus of fixed focal 
laser marking machine, always achieve the workpiece dimensions of angle engraving, machining.

04 .adapted to a variety of shapes carved:
Three-axis control can be achieved freely control the focal length, in any shape can be high-precision
 marking. Not only can deal with all kinds of stepped surfaces, but also to achieve a variety of shapes 
engraved undifferentiated. Only pre-registered shape of the workpiece, only the switch corresponding 
to the focal length can be set for different products, engraving position and shape change. Without
 physically moving the workpiece or laser engraving machine to complete the switching operation.

05. large-scale high-precision:
Precise marking on large 110mm * 110mm area. In the realization of the Z-axis line of the variable focal
 length 40mm. F region due to the elimination of the traditional characteristics of the lens due to 
deformation, distortion by three-axis control, spot deviation. Even in the compliance area edge can be 
precise focus and achieve undifferentiated engraving.

06. more convenient:
Simply choose from standard shapes can be easily converted into a 3D setting. Can confirm that the 
three-dimensional preview screen side edges to adjust the size or location. Easy preview.


Laser Output Power 30W 50W 100W
  Pulse energy 1mj 1mj 1mj
  Repetition frequency 30K-200KHZ 50K-200KHZ 5K-100KHZ
  Laser wavelength 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm
Crafts Marking Range 110mm*110mm 110mm*110mm 175mm*175mm
  Adjustable range 175mm*175mm
  Focus Range ≤±20mm ≤±20mm ≤±20mm
  Marking the way XYZTriaxial Dynamic Focus XYZTriaxial Dynamic Focus XYZTriaxial Dynamic Focus
  The minimum line width 0.03mm 0.03mm 0.03mm
Software Marking speed ≤10000mm/s ≤10000mm/s ≤10000mm/s
  Operating system WINXP / WIN7 / full 3D view of the operation
  Support fonts TrueType fonts, AUTOCAD single line fonts, custom font
  One-dimensional bar code CODE39/CODE128/ITF/CODABAR/EAN/UPCWait
  Dimensional bar code QR/PDF417/DATAMatrix(ECC200)Wait
Machine Environmental Requirements Temperature of 10 ºC -35 ºC Humidity: 5% -75%
  Input Power Single phase 110V / 220V / optional / 50 ~ 60HZ
  Total power consumption ≤750W ≤1200W ≤1500W
  Cooling Air-cooled Air-cooled Air-cooled
  Control Interface PCI-Express / USB-2.0 Optional PCI-Express / USB-2.0 Optional PCI-Express / USB-2.0 Optional