30kVA-825kVA Factory Direct Sale Diesel Electric Generator, Weichai Power Genset

Model NO.
dt-Diesel generating set
Conditions of Use
Land Use
Common Units, Standby Unit, Emergency Crew
Landuse Type of Unit
Excitation Mode
AC Rotating Exciter
Engine Brand
Original Cummins
Fuel Consumption
Transport Package
Wooden Case
HS Code
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GENERATOR               Frequency (HZ)                           50HZ  
Rated Power              48KW/60KVA
Standby Power                52.8KW/66KVA
Rated AC Voltage(V)                         OPTIONAL 
Speed                      1500RPM/1800RPM
Aspiration      Natural Aspiration 
Starting System                           Electric start with battery
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)   8-12 hours fuel tank
Compression 16.5:1
ENGINE                       Engine Model  4BTA3.9-G2
Cylinder 4
Bore×Stroke  102*120
Fuel Consumption(g/kw/h) 216
Displacement 3.9L
Combustion System  Direct Injection 
ALTERNATOR Alternator Model DT-TWG
Alternator Type     brushless,three phase,224E
Hour meter OPTIONAL 
Current meter OPTIONAL 
DIMENSIONS  Dimention(LxWxH)(mm)  1850*800*1400
Net Weight(kgs)                                         1480KGS

1. Selection of common generator sets.

The common generator set has a long working time, the load curve changes greatly, the unit capacity, the number of units, the type selection and the unit control mode are different from the emergency unit. (1) capacity determination: according to the long-term continuous operation of the unit output power can meet the maximum calculation load selection of the whole project, and according to the importance of the load to determine the spare capacity of the generator set. The continuous output power of diesel engine is generally 0.9 times of the nominal power. (2) determination of the number of sets: generally more than 2 sets are set to ensure the continuity of power supply and adapt to the change of power load curve. Only when the number of units is large can the number of units put into the generator set be determined according to the change of power load, so that the diesel engine is often operated under economic load, so as to reduce the fuel consumption rate and power generation cost. The optimum economical operation condition of diesel engine is between 75% and 90% of the nominal power. In order to ensure the continuity of power supply, standby units should be set up in common units themselves. (3) determination of the speed: the general civil should choose the speed of 1000 ~ 1500 RPM high speed unit, and the speed of 300 ~ 350 RPM low speed unit is suitable for Marine host. (4) determination of voltage: the output voltage of the generator is determined as the same as that of the emergency generator set, which is generally 400V. Some projects with large power consumption and long transmission distance can choose the high-voltage generator set.

2. Selection of spare generator set.

When the sum of load capacity is multiplied by the required coefficient, and the calculated load is less than the capacity of the emergency diesel generator set, the standby coefficient shall be considered as 1.2, that is, 1.2 times the calculated capacity is less than the capacity of the emergency diesel generator set, and the emergency generator set shall supply power to the load after the power failure. When the sum of load capacity is multiplied by the required coefficient and the calculated load is greater than the capacity of a single emergency diesel generator set, two automatic generator sets with the same type, capacity, voltage regulation and speed regulation characteristics can be selected. One or two units shall supply power to the domestic and commercial electricity after the power failure of the utility; When the city power failure, and a fire, by 2 units to the fire load power supply, to facilitate fire.

3. Selection of emergency generator.

In general, emergency generators should be of high speed, high pressure, low fuel consumption and the same capacity. The single engine of high speed supercharged diesel engine has larger capacity and occupies less space. The diesel engine is equipped with electronic or hydraulic speed regulating device. Generator should be equipped with brushless excitation or phase compound device of synchronous motor, more reliable, low failure rate, more convenient maintenance; When the capacity of a single air-conditioner or motor is large in the first stage load, it is advisable to choose the generator set with third-harmonic excitation. The unit is mounted on a common chassis with shock absorber; A muffler should be installed at the outlet of the exhaust pipe to reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding environment. (1) capacity determination: the emergency generator set is used for emergency, often in standby emergency starting state, the continuous running time is not long, generally not more than 8h, so the capacity can be determined by the “standby power”. The capacity of the emergency diesel generator set is determined according to the sum of the capacity of the primary load (excluding the spare capacity), considering the capacity of the corrected unit and meeting the starting requirements of the largest motor in the primary load. Three-phase ac synchronous generators are generally selected for emergency generators, and their calibrated output voltage is 400V. (2) the number of sets: the general selection of 1 set of automation, speed 1000 ~ 1500 r/min, brushless excitation, 400/230v, three-phase four-wire control panel, charging and discharging equipment and common chassis generator set. Common chassis with daily fuel tank may be required to reduce piping and footprint. In addition, in terms of reliability, 2 units can also be selected to supply power in parallel. The number of generators for emergency use should not exceed 3. When multiple units are selected, the units shall try to select complete sets of equipment with the same model, same capacity, similar characteristics of pressure regulation and speed regulation, and the nature of fuel used shall be consistent so as to facilitate maintenance and sharing of spare parts.





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     We gurantee one year since bl date, and offer best after selling service forever.

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     General speaking 30-45days.

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